In the ever-evolving landscape of Infyshine, where technology intersects with scientific advancements, our solutions transcend mere possibility—they are inevitable! At Infyshine, we are deeply immersed in developing products and services that play a pivotal role in the healthcare and medical sectors. Our focus is particularly pronounced within the healthcare industry, which we segment into four critical domains: pharmaceuticals, distribution, facilities, and managed healthcare.

Services and Solutions

The era of digital transformation has revolutionized healthcare management systems, demanding adaptability to meet today’s extraordinary demands. Infyshine serves as a catalyst, empowering healthcare and life sciences organizations to transform and optimize their operations to cater to the evolving needs of patients.

Our meticulously designed solutions and products, coupled with extensive domain expertise, position us as the preferred partner for global collaborators. Our comprehensive hospital and clinic management system, available on both web and mobile platforms, ensures a seamless experience for users and practitioners alike.

Embark on your healthcare ecosystem’s digital journey with UNIHMS.

UNIHMS Features include

– Appointment management

– Outpatient management

– In-patient management

– Doctors and Doctor Chamber Management

– Pharmacy Management

– Laboratory and Diagnostics Management

– Operation Theater Management

– EMR (Electronic Medical Report)

– Admin Dashboard and MIS Report

In essence, our commitment to merging technology with healthcare sciences transcends mere trendiness; it represents an essential stride towards a future where innovation and excellence converge to enhance healthcare systems globally.